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Computing This category covers research into all aspects of information processing, including computers, software and communications.

Research Units:

Center for Advanced Computing Research
Computer Science at Caltech
Information Science and Technology
Collective Robotics Research Group
Caltech Robotics Outreach Group

Parallel and Distributed Computing Group
Concurrent Supercomputing Consortium
Materials and Process Simulating Center
Computer Graphics Research at Caltech
The Digital Life Laboratory at California Institute of Technology
Avida Artificial Life Group

Deeper Links:

Center for Advanced Computer Research - Projects
Center for Advanced Computer Research - Publications
Computer Science Infospheres - Papers
Computer Science Paradise - Technical Reports
Computer Science Structured Multithreaded - Publications
Computer Science - Research
Information Science and Technology - Research Centers
Robotics - Research
Computational Vision - Publications
Concurrent Supercomputing Consortium - Research
Digital Life Lab - Research
Digital Life Lab - Publications

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Relevant TRN Categories:

Artificial Intelligence; Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computing; Biological, Chemical, DNA and Molecular Computing; Chaotic Systems, Fuzzy Logic and Probabilistic Reasoning; Computer and Machine Learning; Computer Science; Computer Vision and Image Processing; Computers and Society; Cryptography and Security; Databases and Information Retrieval; Data Representation and Simulation; Data Storage Technology; Data Structures and Algorithms; Digital Libraries; Distributed Computing; Graphics; Human-Computer Interaction; Integrated Circuits; Internet; Logic; Multiagent Systems; Multimedia; Natural Language Processing; Neural Networks; Operating Systems; Optical Computing, Optoelectronics and Photonics; Parallel Systems and Supercomputing; Pattern Recognition; Programming Languages and Compilers; Quantum Computing and Communications; Real-time and Embedded Systems; Robotics; Software Design and Engineering; Theory

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