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Biotechnology (This category covers the technological applications of DNA and other biological molecules. It also includes tools for manipulating biological materials.)

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Pattern Recognition Group

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IMDS (Intelligent Molecular Diagnostic Systems)
Mid-Field Microscopy
BioChips: Enzymatic Reactions in nanoliter wells
Nanoscale Electrophoresis
UBICOM: Ubiquitous Communications
NANOCOMP: Nano computing
PILE: Programming Models for High-Performance Image Processing
SmartCam: Devices for Embedded Intelligent Cameras
IOP-CFT: Look-while-place component placement
IOP-VVP: Precise harvesting of leafs using Robot Vision
RoboCup: Autonomous Soccer playing Robots
Multi-dimensional digital measurement techniques
Superresolution in undersampled image sequences
Dynamic Superresolution of moving objects in image sequences
3D image analysis of microstructures food products
Texture analysis and segmentation of subsurface images
4D image analysis
CLOP: Binary Morphology (Skeletonization) in N-D Images
MISIT (Minimally Invasive Surgery and Interventional Techniques)
Improved techniques for virtual endoscopy
Automatic polyp detection for CT colonography
DIPEX (Development of Improved endoProstheses for the upper EXtremities)
Improvement of Early Detection and Monitoring of Glaucoma
3-D genomic distribution

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Biological, Chemical, DNA and Molecular Computing; Biotechnology; Microfluidics and BioMEMS

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