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Seeing logic

  August 4/11, 2008
It turns out that you can compute just by looking at something, as long as the something is a visual representation of a logic circuit. A novel method of computing takes advantage of human visual perception by representing logic circuits as drawings that lead your eyes to perceive the correct output.

The scheme includes NOT, OR and AND logic gates -- the basic building blocks of computer logic. The gates are represented as drawings with shaded boxes that appear to tilt either toward or away from the viewer. The two orientations represent 1 and 0 in binary logic. Following a drawing from input to output forces your perceptual system to see the output box in the correct orientation.

If more complicated logic circuits can be represented this way, the method could be used to let people solve logic problems simply by looking at them. It could also help people learn logic.

Research paper:
Harnessing Vision for Computation
Perception, July 2008

Researcher's homepage:
Mark Changizi

Further info:
View From The High Ground: USC's Michael Arbib -- Arbib is an authority on perception

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