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Chaotic lasers encrypt fast data

  November 24/December 1, 2008
Measure the rapidly and randomly fluctuating light of a pair of chaotic lasers and you can encrypt secret high-speed communications.

Chaotic lasers are a good source of the true randomness needed to securely encrypt communications links, but the rate of random fluctuations of a single laser has been too slow for practical use. When a sender and receiver measure the randomness of a pair of chaotic lasers, however, they can generate streams of random bits at rates of up to 1.7 gigabits per second.

This is about 10 times faster than other physical sources of random bits, and potentially fast enough to provide practical encryption for telecommunications.

Research paper:
Fast Physical Random Bit Generation with Chaotic Semiconductor Lasers
Nature Photonics, published online November 23, 2008

Researchers' homepages:
Yoshimori-Uchida Laboratory
Kazuyuki Yoshimura
Peter Davis

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