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Nanotubes crank out tunes

  November 24/December 1, 2008
Attach electrodes to an ultrathin sheet of carbon nanotubes and you have a simple, lightweight, transparent and flexible loudspeaker.

It takes very little energy to heat the nanotube sheet, and when the sheet rapidly heats and cools it produces sound waves. Carbon nanotube sheets move a lot of air and respond to a wide range of frequencies, the necessary properties of audio speakers.

The carbon nanotubes speakers can bend and stretch, and they work without magnets, which means they can be built into objects that move and change shape (see flag video below).

Research paper:
Flexible Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composite Films with High Conductivity and Superhydrophobicity Made by Solution Process
Nano Letters, published online November 4, 2008

Further info:
Carbon nanotube loudspeakers play music as they're stretched
Carbon nanotube loudspeaker plays music while pasted to a flexible, moving flag

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