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Biochip scans blood for biomarkers

  December 8/15, 2008
Build a biochip that can detect a dozen biomarkers in a blood droplet and you have a fast, inexpensive way to diagnose and track diseases.

The Integrated Blood Barcode Chip separates blood plasma from whole blood and analyzes the protein-filled plasma using antigens attached to the chip by short pieces of DNA. The microscope-slide-size glass-and-rubber biochip has a microscopic 12-stripe barcode. Each stripe contains a different antigen, and plasma flows across the barcode. Fluorescent molecules attach to the captured proteins.

The biochip produces results within 10 minutes of a finger prick blood sample collection. The researchers tested the biochip with blood samples from breast cancer and prostate cancer patients.

The researchers are aiming to build barcode biochips that can test for 100 proteins in multiple samples at once.

Research paper:
Integrated Barcode Chips for Rapid, Multiplexed Analysis of Proteins in Microliter Quantities of Blood
Nature Biotechnology, December 2008

Researchers' homepages:
NanoSystems Biology Cancer Center
Kavli Nanoscience Institute

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