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Gold rolls DNA nanotubes

  January 5/12, 2009
Tether gold nanoparticles to bundles of DNA and you can make DNA nanotubes.

Gold nanoparticles attached by single DNA strands to two-dimensional DNA bundles or sheets cause the DNA to curl up into nanotubes. The size of the nanoparticles determines the size and shape the nanotubes.

The technique can produce DNA nanotubes in the shape of stacked rings, single spirals, double spirals and nested spirals ranging from 30 to 180 nanometers in diameter.

DNA nanotubes could be used to deliver drugs and to make medical implants, nanoscale electronic circuits, data storage devices, flexible displays, fuel cells and solar cells.

Research paper:
Control of Self-Assembly of DNA Tubules Through Integration of Gold Nanoparticles
Science, January 2, 2009

Researchers' homepages:
Yan Lab, Arizona State University
Anchi Cheng

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