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Natural Phenomena:

Scientific Visualization Studio
U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) scientific visualization pages that contain thousands of animations, including the ozone hole, the Antarctic ice sheet, magnetic fields, and fluid dynamics. Browse the index here.

World Climate Data
World-wide compilation of many years worth of temperature and rainfall data from Buttle and Tuttle, Ltd.

Ocean Currents
Ocean currents page from NASA that includes currents explanation and two-year-long animation of ocean currents worldwide.

Ocean Tides
World wide ocean tide calculator from the University of South Carolina.

World Tropical Cycle Centers
List of tropical cyclone center sites from the U.S. National Weather Service; U.S. National Weather Service site also contains tropical storm information including category definitions, forecasting models, historical information, breakpoint maps, and names through 2009.

Geomorphology from Space
Several hundred NASA images of the earth from space that show natural phenomena, including the Mount St. Helens eruption.

Earthquake Maps
Several different types of maps from the U.S. geological survey, including real-time world-wide earthquake maps, seismograms, and historical data.

Volcanoes of the World

Database of information about and pictures of 1,555 volcanoes compiled by Smithsonian volcanologists over the past three decades. Browse volcano names here.

Volcano Maps
University of medicine at Wisconsin pages that show images and animations of volcanic activity.

Volcano Areas of Investigation
Volcano-related under way by NASA's Earth Observing System team.



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