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ASIC Design
Data Analyst
Database Administrator
Electrical Engineer
Facility Engineer
HRIS Analyst
Linux Administrator
Manufacturing Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Network Engineer
Process Development Engineer
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Engineer
Quality Assurance Manager
Software Architect
Software Engineer
Storage Engineer
System Administrator
Technical Writer
Unix Administrator
Validation Engineer
Web Designer
Web Developer
Windows NT/2000 Administrator

Application Scientist
Associate Research Scientist
Associate Safety Officer
Cell Biologist
Clinical Development
Clinical Development Coordinator
Clinical Pharmacologist
Clinical Project Manager
Clinical Research Associate
Clinical Research Coordinator
Clinical Research Specialist
Clinical Scientist
Compliance and Controls Specialist
Conservation Scientist
Flow Cytometry Specialist
Science cont'd:
Image Analyst
Lab Coordinator
Lab Support Specialist
Medical Director
Medical Science Liaison
Molecular/Cell Biologist
Pharmaceutical Research Analysts
Pharmacokinetic Testing
Pharmacy Manager
Polymer Chemist
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Principal Clinical Research Specialist
Project Manager
Quality Control Chemist
Quality Control Microbiologist
Quantitative Research Assistant
Research Administrator
Research Aide
Research Assistant
Research Assistant I
Research Assistant II
Research Assistant III
Research Assistant IV
Research Associate
Research Fellow
Research Investigator I
Research Manager
Research Nurse
Research Reserve Director
Research Scientist
Research Scientist I
Research Scientist II
Research Social Scientist
Research Specialist
Research Study Coordinator
Research Technician
Safety Officer
Sampling Associate
Science Marketing Manager
Science Reference Librarian
Scientist - Bioassays
Scientist Oncology
Senior Research Nutritionist
Senior Research Scientist I
Senior Scientist
Senior Scientist I
Staff Chemist
Staff Veterinarian

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