March, 2003

Alternative Computer Chips: Post-Silicon Circuits
34 pages

This report examines the current state of research into alternative computer chips, organizes key issues, puts them in context, and succinctly explains how the technologies work.

Research into alternative computer chips aims to answer the question of what comes after silicon. Many researchers are pushing the limits of existing technology to keep Moore's Law on track, and many others are exploring new ways of making chips, including the use of nanotechnology and spintronics. Still others are exploring radically different types of chips altogether, including cellular automata and neural computing.

The report includes an executive summary, a list of 13 developments to look for as these cutting-edge technologies take shape, and a section of 16 researchers to watch, including links to their Web pages. It also includes a quick tour of 26 recent developments in seven areas and a section of 21 in-depth news stories from TRN about alternative computer chips and related technologies.

The stories are organized into seven categories: today's technology, nano logic, nano devices, nano fabrication, molecular devices, spintronics and alternative approaches.

TRN's Making the Future reports contain live links, and can be read on a computer, printed and archived.

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Report Sections

Executive Summary:
309 words

Main Report:
3,365 words

How It Works:
904 words

In-Depth Stories:
21 stories, including 15 images

Table of Contents:

Main Report
Shrinking transistors
Keeping the juggernaut rolling
The limits of light
Approaching the quantum zone
Heating up
Reconfigurable chips and evolution
Race to the bottom
Raining atoms
Smart soot
The long and short of molecules
Watchmaker's nightmare
Changing horses
Time and money

How It Works

Simple switches
Logic gates
Self-sufficient cells
Brain mimics

In-Depth Story Categories
Today's technology
Nano logic
Nano devices
Nano fabrication
Molecular devices
Alternative approaches

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