January, 2003

Data Storage: Pushing the Physical Limits
38 pages

This report examines the current state of data storage technology, organizes key issues and puts them in context, and succinctly explains how the technology works.

Materials science and nanotechnology are paving the way for storage media that will have huge capacities. Researchers have made great progress toward new types of devices; the relentless drive for ever-smaller bits has pushed chemists and physicists rather than electrical engineers to the vanguard of data storage research.

The report includes an executive summary, a list of 13 developments to look for as these cutting-edge technologies take shape, and a section of 20 researchers to watch, including links to their Web pages. It also includes a quick tour of 26 recent developments in six areas and a section of 23 in-depth news stories from TRN.

The stories are organized into five categories: storage media, storage technologies, memory technologies, optical storage, and advances from the frontiers of science.

TRN's Making the Future reports contain live links, and can be read on a computer, printed and archived.

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Report Sections

Executive Summary:
255 words

Main Report:
3,072 words

How It Works:
1,295 words

In-Depth Stories:
23 stories, including 19 images

Table of Contents:

Main Report
Enduring magnetism
Nanotech makes media
Reading, writing and addressing
Hazy optics
Multiple bits per spot
Building blocks of substance
Pinhead DVDs
Limits and opportunities

How It Works

Today's technology
Very large, extraordinary, ballistic
Near-field optics
Holographic Storage
Molecular Switches

In-Depth Story Categories
Storage media
Storage technologies
Memory technologies
Optical storage
Advances from the frontiers of science

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