Please note: these services are no longer available.

Technology Research News is an independent publisher that produces news coverage and in-depth reports about emerging technologies.
TRN's news stories are written for a general audience by journalists who have extensive experience covering technology.

Web sites and print publications
can partner with TRN by carrying original TRN newswire content:

- TRN's Research Roundup, four short news items per week

- Smalley's Research Watch, two to three science blog items per week

- TRN's View from the High Ground and View from the Lab question-and-answer features

- TRN's How it Works, short features that explain an emerging technology

- TRN's Headline and Teaser Service, which gives you headlines and teasers that link to TRN science and technology briefs.

The headlines and teasers are formatted in HTML or XML and can be posted, used to augment email newsletters, or appear as an extra item in publications' electronic or PDF editions.

The service includes an archive of more than 1,000 linked headlines and teasers that is available by date or sorted into custom categories.

See examples of TRN's headlines and teasers.

Web publishers can also add TRN headlines for free using RSS by incorporating the following JavaScript in their sites:
headlines only
headlines and teasers

Publications can also carry full or custom versions of TRN's archive and events directory.

TRN's Making the Future reports are also available for publications to resell or offer as supplements.

Contact us here or call (617) 325-4940 for more information.

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