January 2, 2002   

   Printed pictures hide images
It's relatively easy to slip secret codes into digital images, but when you print the images the secrets are left behind on the computer. Now researchers have come up with the way to hide images in printed pictures. Think fingerprints in ID photos.
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Quantum demo does tricky computing
Factoring the number 15 isn't usually a big deal. Doing the math using a a test tube of liquid, however, could smooth the way for quantum computers.

Email burdened by management role
The humble email program has been pushed to its limits by people's tendency to use it as their primary information management tool. Will software makers get the message?

Pixel feedback forms fractals
Aim a video camera at its own monitor and you can generate fractal patterns. Researchers have adapted the technique to work with pixel-based monitors. The research could provide insights into all kinds of feedback.

Software agents evolve purpose
Does evolution end where blind instinct stops, or could intentional behavior also result from evolution? A population of software agents points to the evolution of purpose.

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