February 6, 2002   

   Tiny chain revs microdevices
Belts allowed a single engine in a 19th-century mill to drive many machines, some of them floors away. Now that more mechanical devices are being crammed onto computer chips, researchers at Sandia National Labs are going back to the future to recycle the belt concept.
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Labs-on-a-chip gain micro mixer
Put a few scratches in the right places and you've got a blender-on-a-chip.

Starting over speeds searches
Sometimes starting over is the fastest way to get the job done. The trick is figuring out whether the cause is hopeless or if you just need to make a few adjustments.

Nudged nested nanotubes may oscillate
Take both ends off a telescoped set of microscopic carbon nanotubes, pull the inner tubes part of the way out and let them snap back inside and they should slide back and forth more than a billion times a second, making for supersensitive sensors and timers.

Portfolios boost quantum computing
Everyone knows that having a diversified portfolio is the way to go. As it turns out this is true for quantum computing, too.

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