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April 2, 2003   

   3D holo video arrives
Researchers have come up with a way to project three-dimensional video by combining computer-generated holograms and a chip that contains thousands of microscopic mirrors. The system could be used for heads up displays within a few years, and could eventually lead to 3D TV.
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Design handles iffy nanocircuits
Nanotechnology could lead to fantastically fast computer chips, but ultrasmall circuits built from nanotubes or nanowires would be relatively fragile. A chip architecture made with nanocircuits in mind compensates for flakiness by using multiple circuits for each logic element and letting a majority carry the day, and handles outright failures by routing around them.

Network builds itself from scratch
The traditional way to build a network requires finding all the nodes and figuring out the best way to hook them up. Insects build networks without worrying about either -- the colonies simply grow as bugs go about their business. A computer simulation shows how it happens, and opens the way for technology to follow nature's lead.

Molecule toggle makes nano logic
Reinventing the light switch at the molecular scale could make for a revolution in electronics. A proposal for a molecular toggle is the latest candidate for building the smallest of circuits. If the switches can be made, they could lead to virtually limitless memory, artificial brains and nanodevices with onboard computers.

News briefs
Rubber stamp writes data... Flexible motor takes shape... On-chip battery debuts... Tilted trenches turn out tiny wires... Plastic coating makes chips biofriendly... Hydrogen yields smaller nanowires.

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