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Technology Research Advances of 2004

Each year sees more researchers at work and more research papers published than the last -- the volume of scientific and technological research has doubled every decade for the past three centuries.
The profusion of technology research in 2004 includes notable advances in biotechnology, communications, computing, engineering, energy, security, nanotechnology, applied physics and the Internet.


Biotechnology researchers use a wide range of natural forces and clever tools to bend molecules to useful ends.

This includes biomolecular engineering -- manipulating DNA and biological molecules like proteins to carry out computing, to sense other molecules, and to construct materials molecule by molecule. One of the most significant research advances of the year was the development of a DNA device that senses and attacks cancer cells by researchers at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

Biotechnology tools include microfluidic devices, laser tweezers and sensors used for engineering biological molecules, medical diagnostics, and security. Biotechnology tools advances include a nanowire-based biochip developed by Harvard University researchers that detects single viruses , and a biochip developed by University of Texas researchers that uses water droplets as tiny test tubes.

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