June 29/July 6, 2005   

   Nanowire networks route light
It looks like wires and ribbons that are 500 times narrower than a human hair are champions at channeling lightwaves through small spaces. A demonstration that shows minuscule networks of these wires routing light pulses and filtering different wavelengths is a step toward chip-sized communications devices.
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Cell combo yields blood vessels
It looks like someday in the not-so-distant future doctors will be able to grow replacement organs in the laboratory. A key difference between a functional organ and a lump of cells in a Petrie dish is a functional organ contains blood vessels that nourish it. The trick to forming blood vessels in artificially-grown tissue turns out to be sowing several types of seed at once.

Physics maps city complexity
Some cities are easier to get around in than others. Applying the physics of complex systems to city streets quantifies these differences and shows that long roads reduce a city's information load. It also shows that ease of navigation has not been a major factor in cities' evolution.

How It Works
Self-assembly: the natural way to make things

Molecules that recognize each other are at the heart of things that make themselves.


Paint program renders ink physics
Making a realistic paint program comes down to using the right math to model the physics of ink and paper.

Silicon light switch is electric
A small silicon device converts electrical signals to light signals, promising faster computer chips.

Crystal promises more light
A photonic crystal dramatically cuts light leakage in chip-based devices, promising super-efficient LEDs, lasers, solar cells and displays.

Micro marbles make nano rings
Microscopic rings have weird properties useful for manipulating light but they are difficult to make. Wet microscopic marbles could change that.

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