December 5, 2005


3D video for the rest of us
Now that digital cameras are a dime a dozen, it's no longer far-fetched to imagine the average person installing a dozen digital cameras to support three-dimensional videoconferencing...

Infectious antivirus protection
One way to curb computer viruses is to beat them at their own game...

Energy-free communications
According to the laws of physics, you have to expend energy to communicate. It turns out, though, that you don't have to send that energy to the other party...

A motivated room
Intelligent rooms aim to track movement, recognize gestures and understand spoken commands in order to control lights, project information on the walls and tell you who called while you were out...

Bits and pieces
A microfluidic bubble blower, bacterial photographic film and chemically-altered nanowires.


View from the High Ground: Cornell's Jon Kleinberg
Six degrees of separation, buying gasoline by the molecule, the science of popularity, all just getting along online, intellectual prosthetics, Big Science, making up questions, and telling stories.

How It Works: Quantum cryptography
Perfectly secure communications comes down to using the quirks of quantum physics to reliably detect eavesdroppers.

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December 11, 2005
Humor divides brains by gender
When you see a cartoon that makes you laugh, exactly what is going on in your brain? Different things, depending on your gender...

December 3, 2005
Ocean of trouble

November 18, 2005
Adding can subtract distractions

November 11, 2005

Attack could overload Net

"The extraordinary adoption of Internet technology over the past ten years really drives home the more general point that people are remarkably good at adapting to the tools you give them."
- Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University

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