January 30, 2006


DNA-nanotube combo spots toxins
Medical diagnostics and biomedical research are poised to benefit from nanosensors that combine DNA's sensitivity to specific substances and nanotubes' electrical and optical sensitivity to the environment

Self-improving software
If people are expected to learn on the job, why isn't software? Although some kinds of software are capable of learning, it's more difficult to design software that learns as it works without requiring a separate training process...

Detector boosts quantum crypto
Self-assembly makes flexible LCD
Graphics chips speed holograms
Nanorods focus microscope


View from the High Ground: Cornell's Jon Kleinberg
Six degrees of separation, buying gasoline by the molecule, the science of popularity, all just getting along online, intellectual prosthetics, Big Science, making up questions, and telling stories.

How It Works: Quantum computing: qubits
Photons, electrons and atoms, oh my! These particles are the raw materials for qubits, the basic building blocks of quantum computers.

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February 3, 2006
Mega fishfinder

Fish populations are in decline, largely due to overfishing. But getting accurate assessments is challenging, which has made conservation efforts all the more difficult. Traditional sonar scans of fish populations are produced by ships towing sonar gear, resulting in very slow scan lines that produce spotty data

January 27, 2006
Green growing

January 20, 2006
Pigs in space

January 20, 2006
Warming threatens sea life

"In most areas of science and technology, the origins of new breakthroughs can still be found in the work of a small number of people -- or even a single person -- working at their own pace on their own questions, pursuing things that interest them. "
- Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University

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