February 13, 2006


Rings turn out hydrogen
Hydrogen promises to be a clean fuel, if scientists can find clean ways of generating it. One of the most promising methods is using sunlight to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. Although it may sound simple, making the process practical is a challenge...

Nanotubes hold more electricity
Capacitors are capable of delivering large bursts of electricity but hold much less energy than batteries. Carbon nanotubes could change that, bringing about energy storing devices that combine the best of both worlds...

Nanotubes boost solar cells
We follow the herd, culturally
Multilevel optical disk scheme
Motion sensor on a chip


View from the High Ground: Cornell's Jon Kleinberg
Six degrees of separation, buying gasoline by the molecule, the science of popularity, all just getting along online, intellectual prosthetics, Big Science, making up questions, and telling stories.

How It Works: Quantum computing: qubits
Photons, electrons and atoms, oh my! These particles are the raw materials for qubits, the basic building blocks of quantum computers.

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February 16, 2006
Don't think about it

The advice to "sleep on it" is gaining scientific credibility.

A study of consumer decision-making has found that, in some cases, making decisions without attention to the choices produces better results

February 13, 2006
Slick touch

February 10, 2006
Nifty new tech

February 3, 2006
Mega fishfinder

"In most areas of science and technology, the origins of new breakthroughs can still be found in the work of a small number of people -- or even a single person -- working at their own pace on their own questions, pursuing things that interest them. "
- Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University

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