November/December 2009


Combine the right biological molecules with the right cancer drugs and you get self-assembling drug-delivering nanoparticles that are four times less toxic than the cancer drugs alone.
Self-assembling chimeric polypeptide–doxorubicin conjugate nanoparticles that abolish tumours after a single injection, Nature Materials

Coat manganese oxide nanoparticles with the right polymer and the right snippet of DNA, and you have an artificial pathogen that infiltrates cancer cells and causes them to trigger an immune system response.
Pathogen-Mimicking MnO Nanoparticles for Selective Activation of the TLR9 Pathway and Imaging of Cancer Cells, Advanced Materials

Cover living yeast cells with multiple polymer layers, then dip them in a silica-containing solution and you get yeast cells in shells. The shells triple cells shelflife and suppress cell division, traits that could be useful for pharmaceutical production and scientific research.
Biomimetic Encapsulation of Individual Cells with Silica, Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Multiply and separate the right double-stranded DNA molecules and you have the building blocks for DNA templates of various lengths and shapes for making intricate nanoelectronic circuitry.
Polymerase Chain Reaction Based Scaffold Preparation for the Production of Thin, Branched DNA Origami Nanostructures of Arbitrary Sizes, Nano Letters

Put arrays of nanostructures on a surface, hit them with ion beams from two different angles and thanks to the tiny overlap between the shadows you can make extremely small computer chip circuits.
Shadow Overlap Ion-beam Lithography for Nanoarchitectures, Nano Letters

Build a tiny remote control rubber valve and you have a key component for drug delivery devices that are under the direct control of medical workers.
A low power, on demand electrothermal valve for wireless drug delivery applications, Lab on a Chip


Tiny tech sparks cell signal find, BBC
Nanoparticles' indirect threat to DNA, ScienceNews
(Source: Nature Nanotechnology paper Nanoparticles can cause DNA damage across a cellular barrier)

Anti-Paralysis Shot Improves Spinal Recovery Three Times As Fast, Popular Science
(Source: Nature Nanotechnology paper Effective repair of traumatically injured spinal cord by nanoscale block copolymer micelles)


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"Physics is to the rest of science what machine tools are to engineering. A corollary is that science places power in our hands which can be used for good or ill. Technology has been abused in this way throughout the ages from gunpowder to atomic bombs."
- John Pendry, Imperial College London

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