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January/February 2010


Make artificial spider silk and you have a way of collecting and channeling tiny amounts of liquids.
Directional Water Collection on Wetted Spider Silk, Nature

Put the right configuration of electrodes on a crystal surface and you can grow logic circuits made of different types of nanowires.
Direct Growth of Nanowire Logic Gates and Photovoltaic Devices, Nano Letters

Mix the right polymers and you can make a fine mesh of graphene ribbons suitable for blazingly fast computer circuits.
Graphene Nanomesh, Nature Nanotechnology

Mix the right polymers and you can make metal nanowires as narrow as 8 nanometers spaced as closely as 17 nanometers.
A Path to Ultranarrow Patterns Using Self-Assembled Lithography, Nano Letters


Graphene Transistors that Can Work at Blistering Speeds, Technology Review
(Source: Science paper 100-GHz Transistors from Wafer-Scale Epitaxial Graphene)

Coloured lights sculpt nanoparticles, New Scientist
(Source: Journal of the American Chemical Society paper Light Emitting Diode Irradiation Can Control the Morphology and Optical Properties of Silver Nanoparticles)

Nanoprinter could have cells lining up to be tested, New Scientist
(Source: Nano Letters paper Nanoscale, Electrified Liquid Jets for High-Resolution Printing of Charge)


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"Physics is to the rest of science what machine tools are to engineering. A corollary is that science places power in our hands which can be used for good or ill. Technology has been abused in this way throughout the ages from gunpowder to atomic bombs."
- John Pendry, Imperial College London

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