February 7, 2001   

   DNA conducts
It looks like DNA can conduct electricity under the right circumstances. Combine this new-found capacity with DNA's talent for assembling itself into complex patterns and you have the makings of a revolution in microelectronics.
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DNA induced to superconductivity
When metal contacts on either end of a piece of DNA are cooled to the point of superconductivity, the DNA offers little resistance.

Muscles tapped for virtual input
Why resort to the brute force of actually moving your mouse when you can just flex your muscles to get the message across?

Tiny treads move minuscule robot
Wheels just don't cut it for a robot the size of a quarter, but tank treads have what it takes to traverse tough terrain like carpets. Making even smaller robots means slimming down those bulky batteries, though.

Proposal would marry atom and photon
Hitching an atom to a photon could give quantum computers the best of both: durability and mobility. It could also help provide the ultimate in secure communications.

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