July 26, 2000   

   Tiny robots flex their muscles
Researchers in Sweden have built robotic arms two-thirds of a millimeter long that work in salt water. These microrobots are designed to snatch blood cells, bacterium and other organisms from fluid samples. They could be precursors to a class of microscopic devices that perform tests and procedures inside the human body; they could also be put to use building other microdevices on tiny assembly lines. Full story
Optical coax takes tight turns
A team at MIT has opened the door for integrated optical circuits by bringing coaxial cable's flexibility to fiber optics.

Making a caged ion blink
Confine a europium ion in a small cage and pester it with a laser and it will make you see red.

Simulation acts 7-year-old's age
Researchers figure out how to give a computer a second grader's mentality.

Computer science faces decision theory
Making decisions in an uncertain world can be a little easier if you size up the odds and keep people happy.

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