August 15, 2001   

   Atom lasers made easy
Producing the atomic equivalent of a laser requires hefty laboratory equipment. A simpler approach could make this coherent matter much more common. Someday atom lasers could lead to faster computer chips and ultrafast quantum computers.
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Molecule makes mini memory
By making a particular molecule stand out in the presence of an electric field, a research team has the beginnings of a memory device that stores a bit in a single molecule.

Does heavy volume smooth Net traffic?
Internet traffic varies quite a bit, and peak volumes can tax the infrastructure. Add more volume and the peaks get worse, right? Not necessarily, if a Bell Labs theory proves right.

Mind game smooths streaming audio
Fitting fat music files over narrow network pipes usually calls for heavy number crunching. One approach eases the burden by messing with your head.

Quantum effect for chipmaking confirmed
Researchers show that linking photons in pairs makes light shine on half the area it otherwise would. The result could be a way to keep Moore's Law on track.

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