September 5, 2001   

   Pen and paper networked
It's no big deal for people separated by thousands of miles to share a virtual drawing. A new tool, however, makes the same thing possible with ordinary pen and paper. A camera-and-projector rig blends the actual and the virtual.
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Quantum current closer to computing
Computers are like any other device you plug into a wall outlet -- they run on electric current. But that could change if the field of spintronics takes off. Getting a bunch of electrons to spin in the same direction as they flow from one semiconductor to another is a big step in the right direction.

Correction choices key for speech software
Successful speech recognition software is a matter of different strokes for different folks, especially if pen strokes are in the mix of correction methods.

Software spins tales into animations
Telling it to the judge could leave her watching cartoons -- at least if you're describing a car accident.

Watched quantum pot boils slower
If you blink fast enough, you can slow the inevitable escape of trapped sodium atoms just by watching them. Blink a little slower and you speed up their escape. What does this portend for quantum computing?

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