September 13, 2000   

   Cheap lasers on the way
The tiny lasers used in devices ranging from CD players to surgeons' scalpels are made from the same expensive, brittle material as computer chips. By applying a carefully tuned electrical charge to the organic crystal tetracene, researchers at Bell Labs have demonstrated a cheaper, more flexible alternative. Full story
Nanotubes make microscopic bearings
Notions of building machines out of individual molecules may seem far-fetched, but a key component, nanoscale bearings, already exists.

Integrated inputs improve interactivity
You can talk to computers and you can point things out to them. Researchers at Georgia Tech are giving computers a fighting chance of understanding what you mean when you do both at the same time.

Microorganisms infect computer chips
Someday computer makers might deliberately build bugs into their products and their customers might be happy about it.

Sandia brews cheap telecom laser
A little alchemy can go a long way, especially when the result is a cheaper laser powering that call home on Mother's Day.

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