September 26, 2001   

   Statistics sniff out secrets
How do you tell if a digital image contains a hidden message? Start by looking at a lot of unadulterated image files to find out what they have in common. After that, pictures with more than meets the eye should stand out, statistically speaking.
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Quantum bit withstands noise
The nemesis of quantum computing is stray energy from the environment. One type of quantum bit uses this environmental noise to give itself a little peace and quiet.

Image search sorts by content
If you want to search for images that match one you have, you need to use pattern recognition software. Trouble is, to a computer a satellite photograph can look a lot like an image of bacteria or a Jackson Pollock painting. Limiting the search to, say, green landscape photographs can help.

Study finds Web quality time
We've finally gotten past the notion that surfing the Web makes for depressed loners. Now some researchers want to know about your working relationship with the Internet. Do you feel like you get much done? Does it feel good doing it?

Powerless memory gains time
A little materials engineering could go long way toward making disk drives obsolete. The goal is to make a cousin of the flash memory used in your digital camera but one hardy enough to handle your computer.

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