October 17, 2001   

   Atom laser fits on a chip
Microchip electronics gave us computers, and lasers-on-a-chip gave us high-speed telecommunications. Moving clouds of atoms around the surface of a chip opens the door for another technology revolution.
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Email takes brainpower
Dashing off a quick email message sure is convenient but it may not be as easy as it seems. Getting an idea across to your co-worker by email takes more cognitive effort than telling it to him face-to-face.

Teamed computers drive big display
Tie together a bunch of computer processors and you can get a lot done, including turning huge scientific data files into readily understandable images.

Holograms control data beams
Filling a room with pulses of infrared light is one way to set up a wireless network, but bouncing light beams off the walls makes for poor reception. Scattering the infrared beams through a hologram clears up the picture.

Pressure produces smaller circuits
Chip makers are under pressure to make faster computer chips. Forcing tiny pieces of metal into microscopic cracks could be the answer.

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