November 7, 2001   

   Hubs key to Net viruses
Morality aside, being promiscuous does put you at greater risk for disease. The same is true for computers on the Internet. Vaccinating the most connected Internet nodes, rather than a large, random percentage of the population, turns out to be an effective strategy for defeating computer viruses.
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Electrified water spins gold into wire
There are lots of ways to make microscopic wires. A new approach is about as simple as it can get. Sprinkle gold particles into water, add a couple of electrodes and apply alternating current. The water base adds the potential to connect cells to circuits.

Virtual reality gets easier
Sit down at the average desktop computer and you'll probably be able to find your way around without too much trouble. But how do you know what to do in a virtual environment?

Laser emits linked photons
A rudimentary laser spits out entangled pairs of photons. It won't cut through steel or correct your vision, but it could help you keep your secrets.

Dye brightens micromachines
Making a microscopic sculpture with a laser and a drop of liquid plastic is already impressive. The researchers who pulled off this feat are now making their creations glow.

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