Quantum Computing
Qubits and Logic   Architectures   Communications and Storage   Theory and Algorithms

Neil Gershenfeld, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Robert Joynt, University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Bruce Kane, University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland

Franco Nori, University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

What to Look For

Qubits and Logic:

Encoding information in logical qubits
Creating entanglement on demand
Qubits that last for whole seconds
Reliably transferring information from atoms to photons and back


Fault-tolerant operation of a multi-qubit computer
10-qubit computer
100-qubit computer
1,000-qubit computer
A quantum computer that outperforms classical computers


Electric, room-temperature single-photon sources
Efficient sources of entangled photons
Efficient room-temperature photon detectors
Quantum repeaters or relays


Proof of a quantum speedup for route optimization-type problems
Proof of a quantum speedup for pattern recognition problems
Proof of a quantum speedup for simulating chaos


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