Quantum Cryptography
Systems   Theory   Single Photon Sources

Charles Bennett, IBM Research
Yorktown Heights, New York

Gilles Brassard, University of Montreal
Montreal, Canada

Artur Ekert, University of Oxford
Oxford, England

Daniel Gottesman, University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, California

Gregg Jaeger, Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts

Andrew C. Yao, Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey

What to Look For

Equipment and capabilities:

Electric, room-temperature single-photon sources
Gigahertz single-photon sources
Efficient sources of entangled photons
Gigahertz entangled-photon sources
Efficient room-temperature photon detectors
Gigahertz photon detectors
Quantum repeaters or relays
Gigahertz quantum repeaters
Multi-photon quantum cryptography


Gigabit-per-second point-to-point
Via satellite
On a network
On the Internet

Threat levels:

10-qubit quantum computer (practical quantum systems possible)
100-qubit quantum computer (large-scale within a decade)
1,000-qubit quantum computer (encryption codes compromised)

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