January 16, 2002   

   Morphing DNA makes motor
DNA drives the biochemistry of life by cutting and pasting itself into different shapes in order to produce various substances. Researchers are using DNA's morphing routine to construct molecular machines. The latest wonder is a four-step rotary motor.
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Toolset teams computers to design drugs
Researchers are pooling computing resources into computational grids in order to crunch large amounts of scientific data. A set of tools harnesses the technique to create new pharmaceuticals.

Atom clouds ease quantum computing
Most quantum computing schemes call for isolating individual atoms, which is no small feat. Making a whole cloud of atoms act like one could make things easier.

Web pages cluster by content type
The closer you are to a Web page, the more likely you are to find related pages. The simple fact could lead to smarter search engines.

Quantum effect alters device motion
Machines are getting so small that soon they will be intruding on the world of quantum physics. One result could be skewed timers and sensors.

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