January 9, 2002   

   Sunlight turns water to fuel
Hydrogen is a green fuel, but extracting it from nature usually produces some pollution. The ultimate way to harvest the most abundant element in the universe is to extract it from water using sunlight. The trick is finding the right catalyst. A semiconductor material mixed with a little nickel could be the answer.
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Search method melds results
A medical search engine summarizes query results in a single answer including a tidy list of links.

VR tool keeps line of sight in hand
Some under-the-hood software can help you keep your eye on the virtual ball as you feel your way around virtual environments.

Laser pulse penetrates glass
Laser beams scatter when they hit glass, which is a shame given that glass could be useful for optical computing and data storage. The right pulse, however, can keep itself together.

Model tracks desert spread
There's a pattern to those tufts of grass and the desert. Give a computer model existing plant life and water table levels and future patterns will emerge.

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