January 23, 2002   

   Laser speeds data through air
By figuring out how to cool down a notoriously hot infrared laser, a team of Swiss researchers has laid the groundwork for speeding up the Internet and building efficient chemical sensors.
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Nanotube array could form chips
The key to using minuscule carbon nanotubes to make faster computers is figuring out how to wire the little buggers together without having to do so one at a time. An array of nanotube transistors made in bulk is a step in the right direction.

Hot spots give away lying eyes
If a thermal imaging technique works outside of the laboratory, you really won't be able to hide your lying eyes.

Quantum data compares faster
Large sets of data have unique mathematical fingerprints that make it easier to compare them. Quantum computers could lead to even more efficient data fingerprinting.

Artificial crystals change laser colors
By filling the gaps in a crystal framework with a particular molecule and twisting the crystal to force the molecules to line up against their magnetic nature, researchers have turned red laser light into blue.

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