February 13, 2002   

   Tiny wires turn chips inside out
Semiconductor nanowires are a great hope for making computer chips when today's technology maxes out in a decade or so. But researchers have a long way to go to figure out how to connect millions of these wires into useful devices. A new recipe for making the nanowires could simplify things by putting the device in the wire instead of the other way around.
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Cooperative robots share the load
A pair of NASA robots are of one mind as they go through their paces in the real world.

Nanotubes take tiny temperatures
Carbon nanotubes 700 atoms wide and filled with the metal gallium can be handy thermometers for measuring temperatures in the smallest of places.

Nanotech scheme envisions DNA origami
DNA is probably the most talented molecule around. It already builds every living thing on the planet, and researchers are beginning to use it for computing. Next up: three-dimensional structures.

Electric switch flips atoms
Quantum computers can theoretically process and store information in the spins of atoms, but exactly how they will accomplish the feat remains an open question. An experiment that controls the spin of atoms in a semiconductor sheds some light on the problem.

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