April 3/10, 2002   

   Electron waves compute
In the quirky world of quantum physics, electrons are waves as well as particles. Making electron waves interfere with each other could be a way to make superfast computers. The key is replacing ordinary computer circuits with networks of ultrasmall wire rings.
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Software orchestrates Web presentations
Making multimedia presentations that draw on information scattered around the Internet means figuring out how to fetch the right pieces in the right order. A toolset brings a touch of movie editing to the task.

Porous glass makes minuscule sensor
Mix the right chemicals with liquid glass, print small buttons of the liquid onto a surface and you have a compact sensor that can detect many different substances.

Internet map improves models
Building a realistic model of the Internet is a tremendous challenge. A pair of researchers is mapping the real thing to give the model makers some guidance.

Magnets channel biomatter
The natural effects that cause trash to collect along river banks and dye to rise in celery stalks are at the heart of a labs-on-a-chip device that uses a tiny, circular channel and an ordinary magnet to concentrate particles like DNA.

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