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March 5, 2003   

   Handhelds gain space
Handheld computers are convenient and are quickly getting more powerful, but you can't get around that small screen. You can, however get the screen around large documents. The trick is being able to scroll by moving the device around in the space surrounding you.
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Ceramic yields under pressure
Ceramic materials are diehards -- they resist right to the breaking point. The right mix of ceramic and metal, however, acts like a ceramic with give. The material is good at dampening vibrations, which should help quiet all kinds of machinery.

Virtual DNA replicates
A simple type of virtual DNA has replicated itself, opening a window on biology and pointing the way for nanotechnology. The next step is causing the code to carry out tasks beyond propagation. The sky's the limit -- imagine automobiles grown in vats of chemicals.

Quantum computing catches the bus
Getting data from point A to point B within a large quantum computer is a tricky proposition. A scheme that uses a component found in virtually every computer that's ever existed could cut the potentially high overhead of quantum computers considerably. It all comes down to building a good bus.

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Stamp bangs out plastic circuits... DNA forms nano piston... Alloy could lower fuel-cell cost... Lasers drive tiny toolset... Film promises massive storage... Word bursts reveal hot topics

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