May 7/14, 2003   

   Screen arcs widen view
You naturally complete partial circles in your minds eye, a tendency that could make it a lot easier to use the small screens on handheld computers and cell phones. An interface tool that puts arcs at the edges of a screen widens the field of view in a virtual way, letting you keep tabs on offscreen places and even wandering friends.
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Light show makes 3D camera
One way to make three-dimensional video is to surround an object with cameras, take pictures from all angles, and have a computer stitch them all altogether. Projecting lines all over the object could be better way to go, but the challenge is sorting out the patterns. One method mimics the way radio stations broadcast.

Net scan finds like-minded users
A method that analyzes Web browsing patterns reveals communities of interest. It could give ecommerce vendors a better picture of their markets and improve resource access for Grid computing. It all boils down to finding out who likes to browse the same places.

Sound forms virtual test tubes
Labs-on-a-chip are usually made of intricate networks of channels and chambers. A different approach keeps microfluidic devices simple by using currents to mix chemicals or even trap individual cells. The trick is combining a tiny pillar and a low hum.

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Nanotube shines telecom light... Touchy-feely goes remote... Light mix makes strong metal... Metal expands electrically... Researchers fill virus with metal... Gold connectors stretch.

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