June 1/8, 2005   

   Camera sees behind objects
A computer program that lets a camera see from the point of view of a light source promises to simplify Hollywood special effects and is another step toward the Star Trek holodeck. It also performs a nifty magic trick.
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Movie captures trapped light
A high-speed microscope makes movies of a chip punched with holes in the act of trapping a light pulse. The trap slows a light pulse to a thousand times below the speed of light. The information gained promises to improve sensors and telecommunications.

Speedy photon detector debuts
A speedy single photon detector combines quantum dots and a special type of diode to sense single photons more quickly and accurately than existing techniques. The device promises tightened computer security, finer medical imaging, and speedier fiber optics.

How It Works
Computer displays: points of light

There are many ways to make spots of light. To work in computer displays, the spots need to be small, fast and bright.


Going nano boosts thermoelectrics
Nanoscale materials promise efficient devices that generate electricity from heat and refrigerate without moving parts.

Magnetic resonance goes nano
The technology in magnetic resonance imaging systems has been used to make simple prototype quantum computers. A chip-scale device could take the computers to another level.

Lasers built into fiber-optics
Fiber-optic lines filled with gas pave the way for smaller, more efficient telecommunications and global positioning system devices.

Nano LEDs made easier
Get a couple of laser beams to interfere with each other, throw in a little atomic-scale sandblasting, and you have a relatively simple way to make nanoscale lights.

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