July 13/20, 2005   

   TRN’s Top 10 Stories
TRN Editors’ picks of the most significant research developments from the first half of 2005 include a digital camera that sees the backs of objects, a video system that tracks desktop papers, robots that walk like humans, DNA that forms fractals, a machine that reproduces, human tissue grown complete with blood vessels, microscopic wires that route light signals, software that turns English to programming code, software that gives descriptive directions, and a system that makes videoconferencing seem more like being there...
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Invisible ink is rewritable
An invisible-ink-type paper lets wouldbe James Bonds erase and rewrite their hidden messages.

Light powers biochip gears
Shining the right light onto tiny gears that have slots in their centers could be the key to powering the pumps and mixers in biochips.

Self-assembly goes around bends
An experiment involving a blend of plastics brings computer circuits that assemble themselves a step closer to reality.

Magnetics drives particle patterns
Hitting metal particles with the right frequencies of a vibrating magnetic field causes them to form surprisingly orderly patterns.

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