July 27/August 3, 2005   

   Traffic model maps congestion
The commuter's dilemma -- drive around the city or cut through and risk traffic jams -- is at the heart of a mathematical model that sheds light on all manner of networks, including nutrient pathways in fungi, manufacturing supply chains, and the Internet. The model shows that things move better when there is a carefully calibrated penalty for going through the hub.
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Fingernails store data
The idea of implanting computer chips in people has gotten a lot of attention recently. One group of researchers has shown that you don't need a chip to store data in the human body. The key is treating fingernails like compact discs.

Quantum crypto scheme doubly fast
Quantum cryptography has established itself as a key technology for securing communications, but it remains relatively slow. A radical approach promises to double data rates. Key to the method is tossing aside one of the foundations of traditional quantum cryptography.

How It Works: Internet Structure
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Baited molecule fights cancer
Baiting an anticancer drug with a vitamin that cancer cells crave is a promising method of fighting cancer. The trick is using a highly branched molecule to put the bait on the hook.

Bacteria drive biochip sensor
Connecting bacteria to electronics proves to be a good way to quickly and cheaply detect contaminated water.

System brightens dark video
A virtual camera promises to fix all those underexposed home videos. The trick is leveraging time and space.

Micro fuel cell packs power
A small fuel cell packs more power than today's methane models by using energy-rich propane.

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