August 10/17, 2005   

   System carries PC soul
Putting the right software on today's high-capacity portable disk drives makes it possible to carry your personal computing environment in your pocket. The advance could be a boon to mobile workers and computer users in developing countries. It all comes down to separating body and soul.
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Plug-in protects passwords
Having your password stolen is one of the biggest hazards to living and working online. Remembering multiple hard-to-guess passwords is one of the biggest headaches to using the Internet securely. A simple piece of software aims to cut both the risk and the hassle.

Ice transforms chipmaking
Spraying water vapor onto cold silicon could be a simple way to make computer chips. The key is etching nanoscale lines into the resulting ice to make microscopic computer circuits. The process is environmentally friendly to boot.

Pixels speed quantum crypto
Crossing quantum physics with computer displays yields a new way of encoding information in photons. Using photons as pixels lets researchers encode more information per photon, promising higher data rates for quantum cryptography.


Textures ID paper and plastic
Forgeries, however clever, could be a thing of the past thanks to a method of uniquely identifying paper and plastic surfaces.

DNA process stamps patterns
DNA's ability to connect matching strands is at the heart of a stamp that promises to bring mass production to the nanoscale.

Templates yield nano branches
Making highly-branched nanoscale tubes and wires is a matter of easing off the juice by the right amount at the right time.

Chemistry moves micro machines
One way to propel microscopic machines is to turn them into tiny chemical rockets.

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