August 29, 2005


DNA buckyballs
Drug delivery -- the ability to target drugs to specific parts of the body -- is a major focus of nanotechnology research. The goal is to increase the effectiveness and decrease the toxicity of drugs used to treat diseases like cancer...

Using light to measure force
Micromechanical sensors that measure physical forces like acceleration usually require that electronic circuits read what microscopic mechanical devices are doing...

Observing neurons in their natural habitat
Researchers from Stanford University have produced a very small version of the endoscope, a common medical device used for probing inside the body...

Small-world thresholds by the numbers
Not only is it a small world, but many small worlds. In recent years scientists have figured out much of the mathematics underpinning network phenomena like six degrees of separation...

Bits and pieces
Images from tumbling, spinning, shaking cameras; moving droplets uphill; and a hologram for LCDs.


View from the High Ground: CMU's Brad Myers
Technology Research News Editor Eric Smalley carried out an email conversation with Carnegie Mellon University professor Brad Myers during the summer of 2005 that touched on cell phones, remotes, difficult software, email triage, anti-intellectualism and a future where we're all managers.

How It Works: DNA Technologies
The versatile DNA molecule has proven to be a powerful technological building block. Researchers have developed ways of combining DNA molecules that allow them to carry out computations in test tubes and create two-dimensional patterns and three-dimensional structures at the nanoscale.

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September 2, 2005
Cultural vision
It seems that people from the opposite ends of the earth tend to look at things differently.

A study examining the way American and Chinese students look at photographs that contain an obvious focal point and a complex background revealed distinct differences. The study tracked students' eye movements...


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