August 22, 2005


Give it some skin
Consider a humanoid robot in your home. Would you trust it to put away the dishes, hang a mirror, brush the dog or boil water on the stove...

Fast nanotube fabrics
Carbon nanotubes are stronger than steel and have useful electrical and optical properties, making them a prime candidate for...

Domesticated algae
Throughout history, humans have used beasts of burden. As scientists working in microscopic realms shift...

Bend, but don't slow down
The possibilities of rollup displays and bendable electronic gadgets have focused much attention on making circuits from plastic...

Bits and pieces
Robobat, altering the speed of light in fiber, and coal fuel cells.


View from the High Ground: CMU's Brad Myers
Technology Research News Editor Eric Smalley carried out an email conversation with Carnegie Mellon University professor Brad Myers during the summer of 2005 that touched on cell phones, remotes, difficult software, email triage, anti-intellectualism and a future where we're all managers.

How It Works: DNA Technologies
The versatile DNA molecule has proven to be a powerful technological building block. Researchers have developed ways of combining DNA molecules that allow them to carry out computations in test tubes and create two-dimensional patterns and three-dimensional structures at the nanoscale.

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August 24, 2005
Bone farming
Doing surgery that requires extra pieces of bone usually involves the painful process of harvesting from a patient's iliac crest, or risking immune system reactions by using materials that originate outside the patient's body.

A new technique uses a space inside the patient's body to grow new bone...


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