September 5, 2005


21st century scrolls
If you were wondering what a device with a flexible display might look like, you no longer have to wonder. Philips Electronics has built a concept portable electronic wireless reader that demonstrates one possibility...

Hierarchies promise better searches
Google's tremendous success arguably boils down to the company's PageRank algorithm, which calculates the relative importance of web pages and makes their Web search engine particularly effective. Researchers from Microsoft Research Asia...

Store and forward qubits
Widespread use of quantum cryptography and other quantum communications techniques requires that qubits -- quantum particles like photons that are capable of storing information -- be sent over long distances, which in turn requires...

Sonic needles
Soundwaves have the power to move matter, and not just by generating unpleasant auditory sensations that clear people from a room. Researchers have been able to focus and shape soundwaves...

Letter to readers
Many thanks to those of you who contributed funds and ideas to TRN in response to our readers letters over the past few weeks...


View from the High Ground: CMU's Brad Myers
Technology Research News Editor Eric Smalley carried out an email conversation with Carnegie Mellon University professor Brad Myers during the summer of 2005 that touched on cell phones, remotes, difficult software, email triage, anti-intellectualism and a future where we're all managers.

How It Works: Finding Information on the 'Net
Accessing the vast amounts of unindexed information on the Internet means letting search engines see hidden databases and giving the Web a sense of meaning.

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September 12, 2005
Brown blocks white
It looks like beer and barbecue sauce that contain a certain type of caramel food coloring may pack a wallop beyond the usual food and alcohol overindulgences.

A study shows how the food coloring, 2-acetyl-4-tetrahydroxybutyl-
imidazole (THI), suppresses the immune system...


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