October 31, 2005


Double-barreled nano printing
The ability to precisely position tiny amounts of DNA and other biological molecules is becoming increasingly important in studying diseases, finding new drugs and diagnosing illness. It is also key to the emerging practice of making nanoscale devices from biomolecules

Security through obfuscation
In the world of computer security the name of the game is access, or more specifically preventing access. If you don't have the right password and/or certificate and/or token, you can't get in the door...

Better light switches
A pair of research papers promises improvements in optical modulators, the light switches that encode data into light beams for data communications. One could lead to a 100-fold speed up of telecommunications and the other provides a relatively inexpensive way of building optical modulators into silicon computer chips

Molecule walks this way
Scientists making molecular-scale mechanical devices have been mining the past for ideas. This makes sense because things move much faster at the molecular scale. The enhanced speed opens up new possibilities for mechanical computation devices like the ancient abacus

Bits and pieces
Safer carbon nanotubes, a fixed molecular motor and a tiny boost for spintronics.


View from the High Ground:
GMU's Harry Wechsler

Pervasive computing, personalized medicine, the game of Go, biometrics, 1984, machines making decisions for us, the limits of a computer science education, and the importance of not knowing ahead of time.

How It Works: Data storage technologies
There are many possibilities for next generation data storage: very large, extraordinary and ballistic magnetoresistance; MEMS; near-field optics; holograms and molecular switches.

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November 4, 2005
Measuring moisture
Quick -- what is the dominant greenhouse gas?

Water vapor actually traps more of the heat from Earth than any other gas in the atmosphere.

Although climate models have been predicting that a warmer climate means more water vapor in the atmosphere, which, in turn, means a warmer climate, this outcome has been hotly debated because it has been difficult to measure

November 1, 2005
Questionable choices

October 25, 2005
Boosting old brains

October 21, 2005
That's how the spaghetti crumbles

"Look at what was done after 9/11 and recently in London. They went to find the perpetrators "after" the events and using mostly manual means. This is "state-of-the-art"...."
- Harry Weschler, George Mason University

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