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June 23/30, 2008

Nanoparticles for stem cells

Changing stem cells into specific types of mature cells means administering the right growth factors, which are hormones or other proteins. [more]

Cell taxis

A biochip that generates microscopic droplets and separates large populations of cells one to a droplet promises to improve medical and biological research. [more]

Excitons juice up light switches

A more efficient generation of circuits that control telecommunications light signals could be on the way following the development of an excitonic integrated circuit. [more]

Software puts images on the map

An image processing system can tell where in the world any given outdoor photograph was taken with an accuracy 30 times better than chance. [more]

Graphics system melds real and virtual light

One of the biggest challenges in blending real and computer-generated images in real-time is getting the lighting right. [more]

Software turns up illusion

The right patterns in the right colors can produce the illusion of motion. [more]


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June 24th, 2008
North Pole melt
If you’re hoping to have your picture taken at the North Pole, plan carefully.

June 9th, 2008
Changes to TRN

June 5th, 2008
Protein ignorance

May 14th, 2008
Bury the trees

"Physics is to the rest of science what machine tools are to engineering. A corollary is that science places power in our hands which can be used for good or ill. Technology has been abused in this way throughout the ages from gunpowder to atomic bombs."
- John Pendry, Imperial College London

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