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July 7/14, 2008

DNA with the naked eye

Researchers have come a long way in being able to detect subtle details of DNA molecules that show disease or susceptibility to diseases... [more]

Synthetic protein folding

Life's myriad biochemical processes depend on the type of molecule, the molecule's shape, and how the shape changes in response to the environment. [more]

Laser-made micro gels on acid

Make microscopic objects by firing lasers into solutions of proteins rather than the usual liquid plastics and you get biocompatible structures that change shape with changes in acidity or other chemical properties. [more]

Nano bubbles boost boiling

Put a layer of copper nanorods on the bottom of a pot and water boils with 10 times less energy than required using an ordinary pot. [more]

Spinning out nanotube transistors

Spin carbon nanotubes onto a specially coated surface and semiconducting nanotubes separate from metallic tubes, congregate and align -- all in one step. [more]

Software reads faces for comprehension

Software that automatically recognizes facial expressions measures how difficult people perceive a lecture to be and the pace they'd prefer the material to be delivered. [more]


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June 24th, 2008
North Pole melt
If you’re hoping to have your picture taken at the North Pole, plan carefully.

June 9th, 2008
Changes to TRN

June 5th, 2008
Protein ignorance

May 14th, 2008
Bury the trees

"Physics is to the rest of science what machine tools are to engineering. A corollary is that science places power in our hands which can be used for good or ill. Technology has been abused in this way throughout the ages from gunpowder to atomic bombs."
- John Pendry, Imperial College London

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