January 17, 2001   

   Light spins resin rotors
Shine a laser in a vat of resin and you can make things. Shine a laser at microscopic objects and you can push them around. A pair of Hungarian researchers has put the two ideas together to create microscopic machines that are powered by light. These resin rotors could serve as tiny pumps, sensors and actuators.
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Crossed nanowires make Lilliputian LEDs
Cross a pair of some of the smallest wires possible and you're on your way to making nanoelectronic devices. Some crossed nanowires even emit light.

Simulation sizes up Web structure
How links get updated at the biggest sites goes a long way toward determining the shape of the Web, according to a Web simulation that jibes with the real thing. You always knew the people at Yahoo had a little too much power...

Quantum bit hangs tough
A single bit that survives fractions of a second longer than its predecessor points the way to quantum computers that can withstand the rigors of a noisy environment.

Sowing strain reaps ordered dots
A little stress is a good way to keep quantum dots in line.

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